Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So many appointments...

Wow, where to begin? My inbox has been going crazy with emails and confirmations of appointments for all kinds of things. We received word that our case file for the Foster to Adopt license was opened on November 19, starting the 90 day clock ticking. A few weeks ago we went in for our mandatory physicals and are just fine, thank goodness. Then our social worker, Alexa, flooded me with requests for home visits and paperwork to finalize. Most of the paperwork is little things, like copies of our driver licenses and vehicle insurance. The other stuff we have to take time out to do. Tomorrow we go to be fingerprinted for the FBI/Homeland Security to make sure we aren't crazy people. Then in January we have our three-phase Home Study with Alexa. First, is my individual interview on the 4th, John will meet with her alone and then both of us together after that on the 19th. Each interview is about 2 hours. The dual interview will include looking over our home to make sure that we have met all the safety requirements for the age of children we will be getting (probably 4-8 years). We also need to go to the hospital lab and be tested for TB somewhere in there. After all that is done, we will wait for our license to process and then for them to match us with a child or two.

In the middle of all that, John will be flying to Bozeman every other week for the spring semester to teach a class at MSU. I am hoping to audition for the Seattle Symphony Chorale in January, although after 2 months I still have not heard back from them about scheduling. I am currently in two choirs, the Seattle Bach Choir and our church choir. If I get into the Chorale I will most likely drop out of the Bach Choir since three 3 hour rehearsals each week is kind of ridiculous! Also, Erin is coming to visit me (YAY!!) in February the week after I come back from DisneyWorld with Mom and Dad.

Ok, that's nuts! I was hoping to have some down time in the New Year, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. In the mean time, we are driving to Billings on Friday to spend Christmas with my side of the family. We will be home again on the 2nd, ready to start all this craziness.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

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