Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Church Membership

John and I are now officially members of Bethany Community Church.

The weekend before last we stood with 50 other people and made a commitment to be a part of the church community and take on all the responsibilities that go along with that.

We have historically had reservations about church membership in general. It seemed to be a way for churches to keep tabs on you for giving or be otherwise invasive and our former home church in Pasadena didn't practice membership. Our new church, though, really focuses on the family that is the Church...helping, supporting, and praying for each other. In the months that we have been attending, we have found this to be true. It is a very safe community where we can be real and honest and is what we have been looking for since we had to leave Christian Assembly.

Our senior pastor also has a blog, which seems to follow his sermon topic. Here is the link if you would like to check it out and follow him.

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  1. I am happy for you both. I think this is a great step. The church is gaining some huge assets (I don't mean monetarily). Congratulations!