Thursday, February 17, 2011

A slushy day and a new sign

It's been nearing 60 degrees for the last couple of days. There had to have been at least 10 inches on the ground when it warmed up, turning our back yard into a mud bog. Everywhere there is the wonderful sound of water running and the smell of dirt warming. I even saw some flower shoots in a neighbor's yard. It's very Narnian at this time of year - 100 years of winter finally giving way to Spring.

Daisy and Tony were filthy when we got back from our walk. Tomorrow is supposed to be warm again, but back down to freezing on Saturday. Hopefully the snow will melt enough that there won't be a lot of ice to slide around on. I'm feeling quite spoiled at the moment, 59 degrees at 10:30 pm on February 17.

We finally were able to put our "For Sale" sign up today. The house is listed and officially on the market. Hopefully the right person will find it soon. We really don't want to be paying a mortgage in Cleveland while living in Seattle.