Thursday, October 1, 2015

Moji & Aurora

I am really out of practice both of taking photos and blogging about my projects. So, you will have to forgive the weird faces. I really thought I was smiling and if I was then I need to work on that.

Anyway, Colette's Seamwork pattern line is fun. Quick and easy projects to whip out a wardrobe in a small time frame. I have made a few of the patterns so far. The Moji pants were a (small) surprise hit. I decided not to make any adjustments because Colette's other pants/shorts patterns fit me well as printed. I wasn't sure as I was finishing them, but realized that the extra fabric for the drawstring closure was throwing me off. 

I like that I can move the fabric more towards the back and create a flat-looking front panel.

This awesome plaid has been in Mom's stash for almost as long as I can remember. It must be a twill since it feels a bit like denim to wear but still needs pressing after the wash. Perhaps Mom can tell us all what and how old it is? I have saved it from the jumper that I am sure it was intended to be.

John says these are borderline pajama pants. I don't feel like I'm wearing pajamas although they are very comfortable.

The top is also a Seamwork pattern, the Aurora tank. It's hard to see the detailing of gathers on the straps from this angle. The gathers help make the front more roomy in the bust area, meaning I can just about get away with no adjustments. The fabric is leftover from a dress I made a few years ago before I was blogging. It has held up well, so I have high expectations that this tank will last many seasons.

I have already made another Aurora tank in a purple/pink lighter weight knit and have plans for denim Mojis. Hopefully the weather stays nice so that I can wear them for a while yet.