Friday, April 22, 2011

We're Here

This is our new townhouse in Ballard, WA. Looking straight on, our unit is on the right. We have use of the entire front deck since our neighbors to the left have the bay window. Isn't it cute? We really like it. It's in a great location - close to yarn shops, quilt shops, grocery stores, Trader Joe's, churches, our new veterinarian, and John's office. The neighborhood is quiet, too, which is surprising since we are two blocks from a very busy street. Looking south from our bedroom window this afternoon I was able to see downtown with Mt Rainier in the background. So cool. We have our morning walk figured out, taking us down to the ocean with an ever-changing view of the Olympic mountain range. Spring is on in full force, mixing with the smell of the ocean. It's just about perfect.

We decided when we got here to go out to eat once a week, mostly trying new places. Although, we had to start first with The Old Spaghetti Factory, of course, and then went back again this week. We tried a sushi place, which John said was ok but didn't really agree with me. (Sorry, people, just not going to be a fan of eating raw fish and seaweed. Ewwww...) My favorite dinner night out so far was La Carta de Oaxaca (southern Mexican) and then dessert at D'Ambrosio (gelato) just down the street. Both were so fantastic, I can still taste it.

I have found an LYS about 5 blocks away, which is crochet-friendly. Yay!, because that's a rarity. I do intend to take knitting classes this year to see if I can conquer that mystery. There is also an LQS a mile or so away. I found some wonderful German wool sock yarn that I am using now and also am in the middle of a baby quilt which is going to be super awesome. (Future post.)

The only thing lacking is our church. We are in the visiting mode, which is exhausting, but we have had some good suggestions and are hopeful that we will find a home and friends soon.

The dogs are having to get used to not barking at every living thing. We are being particular about that because there are 5 units in our building and the walls are thin.

Icky, however, is very happy that the crazy cat lady a few doors down also likes to feed the pigeons.


  1. So glad you guys are getting settled in and getting to know the area! Sounds like you are enjoying yourself and making this place home! Your place sounds awesome. Have a wonderful Easter and happy church hunting!!

  2. Great to see your new abode! I can picture you there. You sound happy with your new surroundings. My sister-in-law goes to a church right off I 90 in Bellevue. Crossroads Bible. I just did a mapquest search to find our how far you would be from there. No too far. My goodness you are really west. Looks like a great place to live. I hope you have a great Resurrection Sunday

  3. I'm so happy for you guys!! Seattle will be a lot of fun.