Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Week of Goodbyes

This week is bitter-sweet for us. We are getting more excited to get on the road to Seattle and see our friends and family in between. But we have had and are going to have to say goodbye to friends here.

Two weekends ago was my last concert set with the COC. My soprano friends took me out after the Saturday concert to say goodbye.

This past Saturday, John's work friends threw us a going away party. We played "Guitar Hero" (which I realized I am too snobby (more like classically trained) to appreciate) and were surprised with gifts of wine, a gift certificate to a Sushi restaurant in Seattle, a bike rescue kit, and John's favorite game: Settlers of Catan.

Sunday our small group at church gave us a wonderful surprise brunch and gifts to help us on the road. It was really unexpected and so nice of them all. They are also going to help us load the truck on Saturday. We love being in a church that is so real, caring, and involved with each other. We will really miss that. We also met the Griswolds for lunch at Red Robin. Andrea has been such a great friend to me here. I will miss our monthly lunches and having someone close by that I can really talk to.

Tuesday I met my COC friend Debbie for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Yum! We had a really nice long lunch and dragged out the goodbyes. I will never forget the first time I met Debbie. It was my first concert at Blossom with the Chorus. She was about 8 months pregnant with Adam and as soon as the concert was over, she elbowed me and said "Get out of my way, I have to go to the bathroom!" It's funny now, but kinda wasn't then. John played his last raquetball game at Case. After, he brought his 2 friends home for burgers, dessert, and to play his Settlers game, which he of course won.

Wednesday we met a couple from our small group at The Melt for dinner. Joe & Patti treated us, although they had never been before. It was the only place we wanted to go for one last time, so we introduced them to it. I'm sure they will be back, since they loved it.

Saturday morning we will get our truck and various friends will be in and out to help us load it and help us clean out our fridge. We are making pizza, which is a great inducement by itself!

Then Sunday we hit the road. We will be stopping in Ann Arbor, MI and Coon Rapids, MN to see some of our friends. Then Billings and on to Seattle by April 1. We will have come full circle and finally be in the proper time-zone.

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  1. we had fun on Saturday - we are praying for your journey across the US and for all of your future endeavors - please keep in touch! Becca