Monday, November 22, 2010


I've been seething about this all weekend, so I thought I'd share it with everyone in the hopes that writing it out will help me get over it.

I was walking the dogs Saturday morning, as usual. And, as usual, they did their doggy business. As Tony was doing his I realized that the bag I carry on our walks to hold the business bags was empty, meaning that I didn't have anything with me to clean up after them. I felt really bad about it because it is so rare that we forget to bring a bag. Apparently John had used the last one the night before and I didn't check to make sure there were any. Anyway, I decided that I would come back after our walk and pick it up. About a block later, Daisy had to do her business. Just as she was finishing, a cop drove by. He saw that I was not picking up after her, so he backed up, rolled his window down, and said:

C: "Ma'am, are you cleaning up after your dog?"
Me: "No, I just realized that I left the bags at home. Do you have something I could use?"
C: "Ma'am it's not my responsibility to carry pick-up bags for your dog."
Me: "I realize that, I just thought that you might have something I could use. I will come back and clean up after them."
C: (Rolling eyes with sarcasm) "I'm sure."
Me: "I WILL!"
C: "Yeah, I'm sure." (same rolling of eyes, more sarcasm)
Cop drives away.

Oh, I'm so mad about this! The one time in a year that I forget a bag and a cop treats me like a liar! I wanted to say: Excuse me, but I am a responsible person and I'm a Christian and I don't say I will do something that I don't intend to do. Of course I thought of this afterward. Later, when I did go back and pick up both piles, I hoped he would drive by again so I could throw the bag at his car! But I would probably be arrested or fined or something. Stupid small town cops! Don't you have anything better to do?!?!?!?!?!!!

I had to sing a Tommy Walker song for the rest of my walk to calm myself down. It sort of helped, but at least I can think now that his sarcasm came from dealing with people being stupid and irresponsible. I choose to forgive.


  1. It's horrifying enough to discover an empty bag container as your dog is doing his/her business, but your experience is mortifying. I'm so sorry that police don't realize there are more law-abiding citizens than there are criminals, but I think they are exposed to crimes we can't imagine. That doesn't excuse his behavior and certainly doesn't inspire trust in our law enforcement officers. But, he at least didn't give you a ticket!!!!

  2. Cops suck!!! Whatever happened to a presumption of innocence?

  3. I think you should have mailed the turds to the JERK cop so he could put them in his evidence locker!!!!!!