Tuesday, November 16, 2010

H is for...

I crocheted this hat for John from a pattern written down by my Grandma Eunice and made up by my Aunt Lois. I used Dune Twist in this yarn. I want one now, too, but in a different color.
Friday before Halloween I cut my hair off again. I just couldn't stand it so long anymore. (Sorry, John.) Rachel at Laus Deo Salon did a great job, I can wear it curly or straight and both look good.


  1. Fantastic haircut! You look so pretty! I'm jealous. I want to do something with my hair and think I want to find someone new to do it, but don't have the funds and/or motivation/ideas. :(

    Really like the hat, too, and John looks pleased with it as well.

  2. Nice cut! Looks really good.
    The hat rocks!! I need one in black and gray and another in navy blue. Hehe