Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Home Visit 1 of 3 and Prep Work

Wednesday last week was the first meeting with our Social Worker, Alexa, for our Home Visit. The visit is broken into three parts: one to meet with me, one to meet with John, and one to go over the house. So on Wednesday, Alexa came over to get to know me better. She was here almost two hours going over my personal information and why I want to do Foster to Adopt. It was a nice chat, although it felt a bit like a therapy session. Next Thursday she will be back to do the same thing with John and then stay to go over the house with both of us.

This weekend we went out and bought mattresses and all the other necessary things on our list and moved John's desk into our room. I have to say that there are WAY too many options for parents out there and it's no wonder kids throw fits in the stores when they can't have everything they see. How did we ever survive without 20 different versions of sippy cups? Yesterday my awesome friend, Jessica, came over and helped me gut the kids' room and set everything up. It was nice to get that done, except that everything that was in that room is now in the hallway and living room sort of smashed in with all the Christmas decorations I still need to put away. Massive shuffling going on over here and I feel like I'm moving all over again!

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