Monday, January 30, 2012

Home Study - Passed!

Thursday we had the last two parts of our Home Study. It had to be rescheduled because of the crazy snow we got a couple weeks ago. Well, the snow wasn't crazy so much asthe people were crazy because of the snow. It was a bit slick but compared to Cleveland it was no big deal. The city pretty much shut down the whole week after MLK Day. It was kind of fun to have nothing to do but watch it snow. It did seem a bit silly since we only had about six inches here, although Tacoma had more than double.

Anyway, Alexa came over Thursday to finish up our Study. She spent the first two hours with John talking about his history. Then we spent a hour or so clearing up what we are looking for in a child and what to expect when we get our license. She also looked over our home to make sure that everything is safe and locked up appropriately. I actually expected much more of a grilling but it wasn't so bad.

She told us that we can expect to be inundated with requests from Social Workers to house children as soon as our license is issued, but that we really should only accept real foster situations that will be a few days in length. The reason we want to do this is because we really have adoption as our primary goal for doing Foster to Adopt and we don't want to put ourselves in a position where we have committed to foster a child and then another becomes available for adoption. It's playing the system a bit to get what we really want. Hopefully we will be able to help some children along the way and the ones who are meant to be ours will come to us quickly.

The last things we need to do are get our TB tests, which have been ordered, and put together a photo collage of our family. Then we wait for our license to be issued, which should be by the end of February.

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