Monday, November 7, 2011

UW vs Oregon

We were invited by a work friend of John's to the Huskies vs. Ducks game on Saturday. We decided it would be a fun early birthday present for John. We got to spend some time in the End Zone, which is sort of a party area for business people. It was just tents, but they served all kinds of food and drinks and is a fun place to hang out.

We found out a few days before the game that my Miller cousins were going, too. As you can see, they are huge Ducks fans!
(I stole these pics from Bud, hope you don't mind!)

We met up with Bud, Aymie, and Justin for some chili and brats before the game. They were tailgating in the parking lot and risking their lives to do so, as they were entirely surrounded by Huskies.
Our seats were in the eastern most section of the stadium. It was so fun to be at an energized college game, such a different atmosphere from a pro game. I made John stay with me for the half-time show to support the marching band. It was fun to see them and made me nostalgic for my marching band days. Sure we were dorks, but we always had a blast and were the biggest cheering section at the games!

Silliness with taking our own photo.


  1. Looks like fun! Glad you're having a good time out there. P.S. I haven't fallen off the face of the earth! Going to sit down and email you in the next few days!! Miss you!

  2. Quack, quack, bark, bark!!!! Looks like fun!!!!