Monday, November 21, 2011

John's Birthday

We didn't do much for John's birthday last weekend, which is exactly what he wanted. He has been working so hard and so much lately that doing nothing is really becoming a luxury. Last weekend was a rare one, in that we actually had no plans at all and didn't have to leave the house. We watched some tv shows and movies on Saturday and had chili with sourdough bread bowls for dinner. Sunday we watched football, read, and had pizza and Sweet Potato Bourbon Cake for dessert.

John got some Pacific Crest Trail books from his Mom and a sweater from mine. I got him the newest Christopher Paolini book, Inheritance, and this:
which does have a purpose.

Since we've been making our famous pizza John has been trying to find a knife similar to the one he used at Pizza Hut, which has a curved blade with a handle across the top to easily cut the pizza without messing up the toppings. I spotted this one at Costco in September when Mom and Dad were here and knew I had to get it for him. As you can see, he likes it, and apparently its possibilities are endless (like cutting through blackberry patches). Now I just need to figure out where to put it so that we can still pass our home study!


  1. Happy Birthday John. I'm sorry the wishes are so late. Love and Prayers