Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Diane Kimono Dress

My version of the Diane Kimono Dress.

I had almost entirely given up on ever being able to make clothes for myself after a few miserable, frustrating, and money wasting attempts using patterns from some of the major designers, like you find at JoAnn's (I have almost entirely given up on that store. I am so fed up with the quality of the products and lack of selection). While wandering through one of my new favorite quilt shops, I found patterns by independent designers and thought I would give this one a try. These designers go by measurements, which seem to be completely accurate. The patterns are actually written in English by the designers and do not assume that you know what you are doing. The instructions also go into detail about why you are sewing a certain piece in a particular way, which is so helpful and discourages shortcuts because the step seems unnecessary. I have already purchased a few other patterns from this and another designer. I really don't mind paying full price for a pattern that I know I won't mess up and will use many times over. There are a few adjustments I will need to make if I use this pattern again, of course, but overall I am really happy with how it turned out.

What do you think?


  1. Super cute, Manda! You look fantastic! Those patterns sound awesome. That might be the way I get back into sewing clothes, too. You'll have to show me when I come out. If I know they'll work and not look "homemade", I'm totally in!!

  2. Looks great! And you are so skinny too!!
    its a good fit & you can make it in all different fabrics and colors. i think it'd look great w large black & white diagonal stripes w/ a black fabric belt.
    = )

  3. Hi your dress is lovely - I,ve just bought this pattern as it looks great, is yours the slim knee length skirt version?

  4. Craftysquirrel: Yes, the dress was the slim knee length version. I think the full version would not be flattering on me.