Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jack's Quilt

The Zoo Quilt for Jack Kirby
I was finally able to give this quilt to its proper owner last night. John's friend Jeremy and wife Sara brought 10 week old Jack up to visit his family and we were able to drive out to Snoqualmie to spend some time with them. They really loved the quilt and started using it right away.

This quilt went through a long planning process. John and I wanted to do something with animals, especially elephants and rhinos, because of Jeremy's zoo career. We thought about an oasis with a palm tree and a couple of animals, but eventually decided on the "zoo animal" look. We found some fabric with animals that weren't too babyish, John scanned and enlarged them for me, then I cut out each piece and appliqued them onto the grass and sky block backgrounds. I thought about adding bars to the blocks, but I like it better without, sort of a free-range zoo feel. This is the most detailed applique project I have done and I really like how it turned out.

Enjoy Kirbys! And Welcome Jack!


  1. Hey Amanda...what a cute quilt! I'm sure that took some time and love. Hope you guys are doing well. We are here...its been one busy summer but it has been a good one. Take care guys!

  2. That's perfect! I love the monkey.