Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vet Visit

Yesterday we took all our furry children to the doctor for their annual checkups. As soon as I got home we loaded the dogs in the car and drove to the vet, as we were pulling in we realized that we forgot the kitty! I drove back home and got him, fortunately the vet is only about 5 minutes from the house. The poor kitty wasn't very happy about being shoved hastily into a dirty carrier that's been sitting in the nasty basement for months, but we were in a hurry.
Ichy is just fine, no issues. He lost 2 pounds this year, which is great for a cat, and now he is in the healthy range. He had his booster shots and sat quietly in the scale while the vet checked him out. Then he went willingly back into his carrier. Who cares if it's dirty?
Daisy is just fine, too. Her weight is good, 32.1 pounds. She had her booster shots, heartworm test, and fecal test. All are normal and fine. The knee she has injured a few times is pre-arthritic, apparently my baby is getting old.

Tony has pink eye. Poor doggy! He was so good as the vet put a glowing green liquid into his eye to check for ulcers. (There weren't any.) He got antibiotics for his eyes, booster shots, and more than his fair share of treats. He is down to 49 pounds, but they want him to lose a bit more.

That's the update on our "kids". (I know, it's kinda sad.)
I was shocked at the bill details line that said "Senior Visit" for each of them! How did that happen?!? I'm going into voluntary denial about that.

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