Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The apple crisp

Every fall I make apple crisp about once a week while the apples are in season. This week we were given some apples from friends' parents orchard. This is my favorite apple crisp recipe -- simple, caramelly, and delicious.

4-5 apples
1/2 c. sugar
2 t. cinnamon
1 c. brown sugar
1 c. all-purpose flour
7 T. butter (1 stick minus 1 T.)

I always use sweet apples when I can, like gala, Fuji, or honeycrisp. I don't understand why anyone would use tart apples in a dessert... OK, maybe I do, but this isn't a savory or semi-sweet dessert. It's more like a caramel apple in a pan. I also don't bother peeling the apples, because the skins become very tender and provide some texture (and maybe vitamins and fiber).

Just slice the apples (quarter, then core, then in thirds twice) and toss them in a 7x11 pan.
Sprinkle the white sugar and the cinnamon over the apples.

I always stir it up with my hands to make sure that all the apples are thoroughly coated. The amounts of those are approximate -- I usually don't measure. I think the original recipe also called for a little water, or lemon juice (if you like it tart!), but I find that the apples normally have plenty of water in them. I've also tried cloves and allspice, but I prefer it with just cinnamon. It doesn't even need the cinnamon, really, but I love cinnamon.

For the topping, cube the butter and put it in a bowl with the brown sugar and flour. Mix until it's crumbly (by hand works best). Sprinkle the crumbly topping over the apples, nice and deep.

In this photo, I used brown sugar in the pan and white sugar in the topping, kind of as an involuntary experiment, but I like it the old way better.

Bake 40 minutes at 400, or 50 minutes at 350, or something like that. I think I do it differently every time (I really ought to write it down!), but it doesn't seem to matter much. It will come out bubbly and gooey and awesome.
You can also cut the recipe in half, if you have a smaller pan or a ramekin. I frequently do that when I want just a single serving.


  1. Oooohhh looks YUMMY!! I will be trying your recipe soon ;)

  2. I have a guest coming for lunch, and she'll be having some of this before she leaves. Thank you for sharing!