Friday, August 6, 2010

Freezer Jam

This canning thing has been bugging me. I really ought to know how to do it, but don't have the time and probably shouldn't take on another "hobby".

Then John came home with 7 1/2 lbs of plums. After a plum pie, plum cake and eating 2 plums a day we still had about half of them left. So I started really thinking about and researching canning. I had heard about Freezer Jam, but I didn't give it much thought as it seemed to be the lazy way out. But my plums were getting really ripe and I had to do something.

So I caved and took the easy way out. It really was easy and, boy, am I glad I did it. It is sooooooo gooood! I also had blueberries and strawberries that I needed to use so I made two kinds of jam. Blueberry/Strawberry and Plum. It's a toss up for which is better. I still have blueberries left so this weekend I will be making Blueberry Spice jam.

Wanna come over for breakfast?


  1. That's funny...I'm getting into canning now too. What're the odds?

  2. It's the parallel life thing again. What's next?

  3. I've been thinking about doing some jam again too! Do you remember me making strawberry jam when you were a little girl?

  4. YUM!
    in a few weeks we're going blueberry & blackberry picking, so i'll need a few pointers
    = )

  5. Manda, I'd love to join y'all for breakfast! Just tell me when. Bet this jam is great on those delicious scones you make. This is Aunt Pam, not Anonymous, but I couldn't get my comment to post without signing up for something I don't want to sign up for right now.