Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pattern Testing

In May I volunteered to test a new dress pattern from a blog that I follow, Posy Gets Cosy.
I finally finished the dress last week and I think it turned out pretty cute.

We were asked to try it on a little person to make sure the sizing is correct. After a few attempts, my friend was finally able to convince (more like bribe) her 2-1/2 year old to model it and get some pictures for me.

Addison was really not happy, obviously.

I feel so badly about it, but at least she got some M&Ms out of the deal.

The dress fit very well, except for the yoke which was a bit tight going over the head. I guess that's what pattern testing is for. It was a fun experience for me making the dress and learning to never again attempt getting a 2 year old to do anything like this!


  1. It turned out CUTE! I really like your colors. And the model is very cute as well. M&Ms fix just about anything, don't they?

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  3. Too bad little Miss Addie has such a stinker face in her modeling debut pic! Maybe I should have given her the whole jar of M&M's!!

  4. Nice! looks like one of those mexican house dresses mom used to wear in phoenix