Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Weekend Roofing Project

Yuck! What a horrible roof!
After the gutters fell off two winters ago from being overloaded with ice, we thought it might be time to replace the roof on our addition. This spring we noticed the plywood peeking through the shingles.
It's definitely time.

John decided he could do it himself, so with a little advice from a pro he set to work on Friday morning of Memorial Day Weekend.

Looks so much better just with the shingles gone. (This took an entire day!)

Now for the shingles...
Does that look at all safe? Please don't fall off!

Oooh, pretty!!
Lastly, the new gutters.
There are a few little things to finish, of course.
Now we can walk up the stairs in the winter without fear of slipping and the roof won't leak.

Onto the next project...

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