Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Photo Diary: day 22

Sunny and 60 today -- perfect spring weather. Sadly, that means it's time to start mowing the lawn.

I don't know what those shorter, flowering trees on the right are, across the street in the first picture. They come out a bit later, and keep their leaves very late in the fall, before they turn dark red. In the third picture, you can see the day lilies growing quickly to the left of the front steps.
The colors don't come out so well in the photo, but the maple across the street has a very interesting combination of green and red foliage right now. The big tree on the left in the first photo is decorated according to the same scheme. The bright green bits are the flowers, which were red last week. Soon they'll be dropping "helicopter" seeds all over the place. The red shoots are the leaves, which will soon turn green for the summer.
There's a fine pair of hound dogs enjoying the sunbeam in the front window after their morning walk.

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