Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy, busy

While John has been grading, publishing papers, and applying for jobs, the rest of us have been trying to keep ourselves busy. I think for the most-part we have succeeded; apart from watching (probably too many) Netflix movies, we have been industrious.

For Isabella's 5th birthday last week, I made this dress and matching shrug. The dress is a linen/polyester blend with large watercolor daisies. The shrug is crocheted with an acrylic yarn for the body and a lace yarn for the trim. She is a turquoise princess, hence the color scheme.

The painting in our house is, for the most part, atrocious. This past week the entryway bothered me so much that I just had to do something about it. This is the finished result:

I would have taken a "before" picture if I could handle looking at it again. That, and I was just too anxious to have it pretty. It needs something to decorate the walls, but it hasn't told me what yet.

I usually bake a bread, breakfast, and/or dessert on the weekend, besides our weekly pizza. These are Italian Bread bowls.

While I have been busy in the sewing room, kitchen, and entryway, our "furry children" have been busy, too.

Ichabod supervises all goings-on from the cabinet and pretends he's invisible.

Daisy and Tony lay in the sun and occasionally bark at something they hear...or think they hear.

So, I suppose I have been busy not writing the blog. My apologies! I will do my best to be un-busy enough to keep updating what's going on in The Doghouse.

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